Children’s Charter of Rights

In 1989, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This important initiative addresses the rights of all children the world over. At Stonebrook Day School, in 2015 our community of young students, after thought, consideration, and discussion created their very own Charter of Rights for Children.

As stated by Stonebrook Day School children, children have the right to…

to paint
to share
to be you
to dance
to do art
to be safe
to be healthy
to plant and grow flowers
to see rainbows
to play with blocks
to be a doctor
to talk with friends
to be a mermaid
to dance with friends
to love each other
to learn about me
to have nice hands
to have a heart
to clean air
to pretend you are a character, which ever character you want to be
to go to space
to play in the rain
to build robots
to have friends
to see dinosaurs
to be a big sister
to share with friends
to NOT have spiders
to give birthday presents on your birthday so everyone can be happy
to get bear hugs
to run in the forest
to play superheroes
to think really hard
to wear rain boots
to play hide and seek
to laugh but no one laugh at you
to eat apples and red pears
to be like my mom and dad
to play nice with friends and friends to play nice with us
to be good and responsible
to grow things in the garden
to play and learn in centers
to build and play with cars
to be nice to other people
to save someone before they fall
to help friends when they get hurt
to burst out into a song after only hearing one word
to have a tea party at school with my friends
to have mommy and daddy at school with me
to play on the pirate ship in the forest
to go outside and play everyday